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Children's Room LED String Light with Astronaut Spaceship

Does your child need a night light ? 

The perfect night light that uses little to no electricity so you don't have to worry about your utility's. You're child won't be scared of being in their room and they will want to sleep at night.

Why buy this for your child? 

As a kid you dream of your room lighting up and feeling like you are on a different planet, with this product your kid can feel like they have the best room on the block and they are going to show friends and family how cool it is.

Why buy this as a present for someone else's child ?

Are you looking for a present for a birthday, or are you starting your shopping early for christmas? If so this is the perfect gift, it will light up the room and they will always remember who got them the present.

Bulbs Included: Yes
Light Source: LED Bulbs